Episode 18

Gut Skin Connection

Dr. McMinn's favorite saying is "There is a gut-everything connection". This episode focuses on the gut-skin connection, and features Dr. Mary Brittain Blankenship, founder of Spruce MD in South Carolina. Topics include the cause and treatments of skin conditions that originate in the gut.

Episode 17

Functional Medicine Chart Review 01 - Optimization

Functional Medicine Chart Review is a new mini-series where Dr. McMinn will use real patients (anonymously) to explain popular topics among his experiences at McMinn Clinic. Episode 1 is about "optimization".

Episode 16

Pelvic Floor Health for Women

This episode, Dr. McMinn and Coach Lindsay speak with guest Nikki Woods, who is a physical therapist specializing in pelvic health. Together, they explain all aspects of pelvic floor issues and how they are handled by the team in the outpatient setting. 

Episode 15


Dr. McMinn is a thyroid expert, and today he opens up on his favorite treatment protocols, including medication types and lifestyle changes that can best help alleviate symptoms of thyroid disease. 

Episode 14


This episode features Christina Pierpaoli Parker, MA, who is a grad student in the Geropsychology doctoral program at the University of Alabama. Mrs. Parker joins us today to discuss SLEEP and help us better understand how it can be improved and how it interacts with the many parts of our lives.   

Episode 13


This podcast covers one of the most frequently used tools in the McMinn toolbox: Hormones. Dr. McMinn is here with nurse Laurel Roberts to tell you how to take control of your hormones so they don't control you.

Episode 12

Brain Health

Today, Dr. Kristine Lokken, PhD takes some time out of her busy schedule at the Brain Health Institute, to discuss the topic of brain health with us. Dr. Lokken is a renowned neuropsychologist, and the perfect person to tell us the best practices to keep our minds sharp.

Episode 11


This episode is a special stress edition featuring McMinn Clinic's own Donna Mullinax. Donna is a licensed counselor and hypnotherapist, and today she and Dr. McMinn discuss the realities of stress, and share the tools that they use to deal with it.

Episode 10


In this episode we bring on Dr. Suzanne Judd, PhD to talk with us about nutrition. Dr. Judd is a professor at UAB, and is currently a program manager for a large scale stroke study. Today, we got the opportunity to pick her brain about the importance of nutrition and what we can do to improve ours.

Episode 9


In this episode, we discuss the invisible illness, dysautonomia. Dizziness, brain fog, anxiety, fainting, racing heart... All being treated under the blanket of "stress". We are here to tell you about a treatable condition that might be the diagnosis that the other guy's are missing.

Episode 8

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement and Compounding

This episode of Functional Medicine Podcast features our first guest, Mary Ann Davis from Wellness Pharmacy! She is the PCCA Pharmacist of the year, and comes to offer her professional insight into the benefits of compounding and bio-identical hormones, while clearing up some common misconceptions.

Episode 7

Gut Health Series: Finale

The final installment of the Gut Health Series is an explanation of our approach to healing the gut, as well as maintaining your gut health. Every person is unique, even at the gut level; however, there are some helpful tips that all of our guts will thank us for.

Episode 6

Gut Health Series: Episode 4

The fourth installment of the Functional Medicine Podcast's Gut Health Series is a feature about the gut lining. This episode takes the listener into the healthy gut, and explains why a "leaky gut" can be the root cause of dozens of crippling autoimmune diseases. 

Episode 5

Gut Health Series: Episode 3

The third installation to our Gut Health Series is a feature on one of the hot topics of the medical world, the gut microbiome. Dr. McMinn and Coach Lindsay show us the relationship between our body and the bugs that inhabit it. 

Episode 4

Gut Health Series: Episode 2

The second installment of our Gut Health Series is a look inside the anatomy of the gut. Dr. McMinn and Coach Lindsay delve in to the science behind digestion, and speak about some of the bacteria and processes that keep us healthy, or give us signs that we are not.

Episode 3

Gut Health Series: Episode 1

Our third podcast is the first part in our Gut Health Series. This mini series will act as a crash course on gut health and the many gut connections that control so much of what goes on inside us. Episode 1 is the introduction to the gut and sets us up for the detailed episodes in the coming weeks.

Episode 2


Our second podcast gives you some insight on how fatigue is addressed in the functional medicine setting. Dr. McMinn and Coach Lindsay talk about how fatigue appears in the patients that they see, and where they start to get the mojo back for their patients! 

Episode 1

Introduction to Functional Medicine

Our first show gives you an idea of how we at McMinn Clinic define functional and integrative medicine. It not only highlights the benefits of creating a healthy lifestyle; it gives you some of the information you need to get started. (Listen closely for Dr. McMinn's own workout!!!)